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Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Stretching

Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Stretching

Stretching is for any person who wants to adopt an active lifestyle. Whether you’re someone who’s trying to perfect your swing on the golf course or just a regular person who wants to tie your shoelaces while reaching down, you’ll need to add more flexibility to your body. Since more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of stretching, countless of them head down to the nearest stretch studio to experience the benefits of a good stretch. 

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Top Questions Asked About Assisted Stretching

Who Needs to Stretch?

Everyone – young professional athletes, seniors who want to stay active, and everybody else in between. Getting stretched is important because it improves your body’s flexibility, enhances your range of motion, reduces your risk of injury, alleviates lower back pain and muscle soreness, increases your spatial awareness, improves your posture, and boosts your overall performance.

You’ll gain more confidence as you exert less effort and experience more ease as you move your body while you climb up the stairs, walk, run, bend down or reach up.

Can Assisted Stretching Relieve Lower Back Pain?

Yes, assisted stretching can alleviate back pain. The stretch practitioner knows how to target your problem areas by positioning, stabilizing, isolating, and manipulating your muscles in a purposeful order.

People who have extremely tight hip flexors and hamstrings will find instant relief as the stretch shifts the pelvis backward instead of forward. A good stretch can remove the pressure on the lower back that’s causing all the pain.

Can People Who Have Hip Replacement Get Stretched?

Yes, they can through two different approaches – hip replacement traditional posterior approach and hip replacement anterior approach. A certified and trained stretch practitioner knows how to maximize a stretch without compromising your safety.

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Looking for a Stretch Studio Near You?

If you’re looking to find the best stretch studio near you, look no further than Stretch Zone. To get started, book your FREE 30-minute stretch now!