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Achieve a balance of mind and body. Enhance your range of motion. 

Are you someone who finds thrills in living an active life but has recently found it challenging to do so? Don’t worry; this is more common than you think. The effects of aging and the modern lifestyle have combined to create a perfect storm of aches and pains for the average person.  

If this is happening more and more frequently, it may be because your muscles need care and attention. The practitioners at our stretch studio in Arvada can alleviate aging pains and much more.  

If you’re experiencing lower back pain, for instance, we’ll focus on providing lower back stretches in Arvada. We also work with people who want stretches for sciatica in Arvada. 

The human body suffers when sitting all day, which is why many folks struggle with chronic aches and pains. Thankfully, you don’t need to leave Arvada to seek treatment. The Stretch Zone Method® targets your nervous system, unlocking lasting results while improving your range of motion.  

When you visit our Arvada Stretch Zone, a trained stretch practitioner will guide you through a series of dynamic stretches to increase your mobility and muscle function. The first 30-minute stretch is free, so don’t wait to get the relief your body needs.  

We offer a welcoming environment, and the practitioner does all the work. You just need to relax and enjoy the benefits. Wait no longer. Join us at our Arvada stretch gym soon. 

 Get back to feeling like you today!  

Facts About Arvada 

– Arvada was the first site of the Colorado gold strike on June 22, 1850.  

– While Colorado is well known for its fishing, some of the best warm-water fishing takes place in Arvada. 

– T. H. Krause, a native of Arvada, invented the turn signals for vehicles 

– Arvada was once known as the “Celery Capital of the World.”  


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    The Stretch Zone Method® addresses flexibility from a neurological perspective. This is achieved by dealing with the muscle’s nervous tension (“tonus”) to reach an optimal active range of motion. The goal is not to make a person more “flexible” or “elastic,” but rather enable you to move more functionally by re-establishing a more ideal resting muscle tone. By re-educating the associated nerve-muscle reflex, the Stretch Zone Method® leads to movement becoming easier and more efficient.

    Rather than creating soreness by pulling on our limbs to extremes, the Stretch Zone Method® works through the nervous system to achieve lasting gains in flexibility and range of motion. The method rests on the notion that changing and re-educating our muscle’s nervous energy is a major factor in unleashing our body’s intended function. This nervous energy, known as the stretch reflex, is our body’s automatic defense against the dangers of over-stretching. Any movement that goes too fast or too far, or is held for too long, will cause your body to resist with the stretch reflex. Once the reflex is activated, your body has effectively said “no more” and resists the stretch. Any further attempt at stretching becomes counter productive and may even cause long term damage.


    Amy Nehrke


    Amy Nehrke is a physical therapist and wellness advocate with a passion for helping people. She recognized that the community was missing an avenue that provides for injury prevention and overall wellness. Amy brought Stretch Zone, the only nationally accredited provider of practitioner assisted stretching, to Colorado in February of 2019.

    Jesse Rosso

    General Manager

    Jesse is a problem solver who is in a constant pursuit for learning. Jesse comes to us from Nevada City, California. He graduated from Regis University with an undergrad in Biology and Mathematics. His hobbies include hiking with his dog, snowboarding, weightlifting, and lacrosse. Jesse is driven by assisting his community around him to be the best they possibly can be and succeeding at this game we call life.


    Sean Reagan

    Assistant Manager

    Sean is a lifelong fitness and strength enthusiast. He has competed in powerlifting and coached other powerlifters, strongman competitors and genral strength enthusiast to improve their performance. Sean enjoys helping others get better through preventative and rehabilitative methods. He believes no one needs to endure discomfort and always looks for a solution for strength improvement and pain prevention. He enjoys camping and hiking on his off time.


    What Our Customers Have To Say

    This place is a game changer! Staff is awesome and the facility is gorgeous! But more than that, you will come out of your sessions practically pain free. Whether you are an athlete or just a regular middle aged woman like me, their process of deep stretching allows me to move and do things I haven’t been able to do in months if not years. Highly recommend Amy and her staff, especially Jesse and Anthony! You won’t be disappointed!

    - Jaye

    After just my second appointment, I am already seeing good results! It is going to take a little while to get to where I need to be, but I am very encouraged by the results so far! I would definitely recommend giving Ben and his staff the opportunity to show you the benefits of being more flexible.

    - Steve

    I had my first Stretch Zone session today and I feel SO much better! Everyone was so nice and compassionate and they REALLY listened. I currently have a serious illness and am more sedentary as a result. My body has felt so tight and uncomfortable and the thought of starting a stretch program on my own felt overwhelming… My back and hip pain is almost gone after only one session and I’m excited to stretch on my own going forward. Thank You SO much! I think most anyone can benefit from their programs and I highly recommend them!

    - Karen