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Our method achieves results.

Our method achieves results.

Have you ever wondered why you keep feeling tightness throughout your body? Do you have to strain to accomplish tasks that felt like second nature in the past? The truth is that you’re not alone. Our bodies require regular maintenance in the form of stretching to keep us limber and flexible. Without stretching, we start feeling the effects mount.

But now, there’s an effortless way to combat the effects of time and tension, and you can find it with our stretch practitioners in Ponte Vedra Beach. The Stretch Zone Method® increases your pliability from a neurological perspective. We use proprietary equipment and strategic lower back stretches in Ponte Vedra Beach to maximize your range of motion and help you move more functionally.

The Stretch Zone Method® requires zero work on your part. Just come in, lean back, and a member of our skilled team will go through the stretches for sciatica in Ponte Vedra Beach for you. We don’t aim to push your body to the limit and create an uncomfortable experience. Wait no longer; visit our team at our Ponte Vedra Beach stretch studio.

We work with you to inhibit the stretch reflex and attain the most beneficial deep stretches by essentially re-educating the muscle’s nervous energy.

Start moving better with a free stretch on us at our Ponte Vedra Beach stretch studio!

– Painless

– Holistic

– Rejuvenating

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    The Stretch Zone Method® addresses flexibility from a neurological perspective. This is achieved by dealing with the muscle’s nervous tension (“tonus”) to reach an optimal active range of motion. The goal is not to make a person more “flexible” or “elastic,” but rather enable you to move more functionally by re-establishing a more ideal resting muscle tone. By re-educating the associated nerve-muscle reflex, the Stretch Zone Method® leads to movement becoming easier and more efficient.

    Rather than creating soreness by pulling on our limbs to extremes, the Stretch Zone Method® works through the nervous system to achieve lasting gains in flexibility and range of motion. The method rests on the notion that changing and re-educating our muscle’s nervous energy is a major factor in unleashing our body’s intended function. This nervous energy, known as the stretch reflex, is our body’s automatic defense against the dangers of over-stretching. Any movement that goes too fast or too far, or is held for too long, will cause your body to resist with the stretch reflex. Once the reflex is activated, your body has effectively said “no more” and resists the stretch. Any further attempt at stretching becomes counter productive and may even cause long term damage.

    Makayla bio picture for Stretch Zone Clemson

    Makayla Green

    Stretch Practitioner

    Makayla is a former collegiate athlete at University of Anderson, located in Anderson, Sc. There she studied Kinesiology and graduates December of 2020. Throughout her experience of playing sports, Makayla used her love for the game of basketball and became an Assist coach for a youth basketball program at the Anderson Area YMCA where she found her calling of giving back to her community for the summer of 2019. The joy she gets from helping people is truly a blessing which has lead her to be part of the Stretch Zone family. Some of her favorite things to do are painting, cooking, and spending time with her family!

    Omar bio picture for Stretch Zone Clemson

    Omar Reyna-Farje

    Assistant General Manager

    Omar is a Chicago native. He attended Illinois State for Kinesiology and worked as a strength training coach. After suffering from an injury and attending physical therapy, Omar worked as a physical therapy assistant. Given his background Omar was very intrigued by working in a profession that focused solely on stretching and began his career with Stretch Zone. While in college he played soccer as a left winger. In his spare time you can find him playing Fortnite, watching Pokémon with his daughter, and attending the occasional wine tasting.

    JR Keith bio picture for Stretch Zone Clemson

    Keith Filter


    Keith and his wife Karen both reside in Greenville South Carolina. They are business partners in both Clemson and Greenville SC Stretch Zone locations. Keith has lived in the upstate for over 20 years. Keith enjoys staying active outdoors enjoying skiing, rock climbing, golf backpacking and mountain biking. In order to keep enjoying these activities Keith works out regularly and has added stretching into his maintenance routine. Karen and Keith both have been certified through the stretch practitioner training program and stretch each other regularly.

    Christina at stretch zone clemson profile picture

    Christina Turner

    Front Desk Manager

    Christina Studies organizational and Industrial Psychology through the University of Phoenix . She has a huge interest in fitness and was an independent Professional Wrestler for 8 years that also dabbled in MMA; mainly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She previously worked as a dog trainer and is a huge animal lover. In her spare time you can catch her playing video games, watching old/classic horror films or spending time with her fiancé and family. Christina was excited to work for Stretch Zone because she enjoys deep conversations and helping others.