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Time and stress take an undeniable toll on your body. You might not feel it right away, but after years of working, caring for your family, and living a busy life, your body can lose its flexibility and strength. However, if you take action sooner rather than later, you can slow down and even reverse the effects of age on your joints and muscles. It’s all possible when you book a visit for upper and lower back stretches in The Villages!

The path to a better you is easier than you might think. People are often intimidated by difficult stretches and they don’t know where to begin but Stretch Zone has that covered. Our trained stretch professionals will do all the stretching for you, meaning all you need to do is lean back and relax. We’ve studied how the body moves and can easily identify the areas in which you could use the most work for an effective stretch. Our experts are skilled in performing various stretches for sciatica in The Villages.

After your first session, you’ll feel the results. After a few more, you’ll feel like you’re walking about in a brand-new body. All it takes is a few minutes out of your day and almost zero effort. Come on in, lay back, and let us turn back the tides of time!

There’s no time like now to start feeling better. Ask about a free stretch today!

  • – Regain mobility
  • – Zero effort
  • – Instant results

Fun Facts About The Villages Community

  • – The Villages is built for golf lovers – over two million rounds of golf were played here just last year!
  • – The Villages is a highly selective community with at least 80% of homes inhabited by residents of 55 years or older.
  • – Village residents keep active – the community hosts 216 softball teams that combine to play nearly 3,000 games of softball every winter.

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    974 Del Mar Drive, Lady Lake, FL 32159

    Located in The NE corner of Spanish Springs Town Square, 974 Del Mar Dr. next to Cal's Barber Shop.

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    The Stretch Zone Method® addresses flexibility from a neurological perspective. This is achieved by dealing with the muscle’s nervous tension (“tonus”) to reach an optimal active range of motion. The goal is not to make a person more “flexible” or “elastic,” but rather enable you to move more functionally by re-establishing a more ideal resting muscle tone. By re-educating the associated nerve-muscle reflex, the Stretch Zone Method® leads to movement becoming easier and more efficient.

    Rather than creating soreness by pulling on our limbs to extremes, the Stretch Zone Method® works through the nervous system to achieve lasting gains in flexibility and range of motion. The method rests on the notion that changing and re-educating our muscle’s nervous energy is a major factor in unleashing our body’s intended function. This nervous energy, known as the stretch reflex, is our body’s automatic defense against the dangers of over-stretching. Any movement that goes too fast or too far, or is held for too long, will cause your body to resist with the stretch reflex. Once the reflex is activated, your body has effectively said “no more” and resists the stretch. Any further attempt at stretching becomes counter productive and may even cause long term damage.

    Emmanuel Mendez

    General Manager

    We would like to welcome Emmanuel Mendez to our Stretch Zones management team in The Villages Florida. Emmanuel has extensive background in the health and wellness industry. He is also a certified massage therapist with 15 years of hands on experience. He is a resident in The Villages which gives him an excellent perspective of our clients unique goals and challenges. One of Emmanuel’s many strengths in this field is his ability to keep open communication with his clients and staff members. He has clients of all ages, ethnicities and body types. Emmanuel began his career with Stretch Zone as a Stretching Practitioner. He has helped numerous clients improve their balance and range of motion. In addition he has been able to help decrease their stiffness and enhance their flexibility. We are happy to have him on our team.

    Dennis Rosen


    Dennis has a diverse background regarding building and running businesses over the last 33 years. He has owned and operated a pizza franchise and also built an international steel company from the ground up located in the USA. This business is now operated by his daughter. Dennis opened his first Stretch Zone in July of 2018 in The Villages, his home town. In that time Dennis has developed an incredible amount of respect from the community which has helped build the business to the success it has achieved today. Dennis believes community involvement is essential to creating success.