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When Can I Benefit From Dynamic Stretching?

When Can I Benefit From Dynamic Stretching?

Perhaps you’re curious to know more about dynamic stretching, and you’ve been planning to ask a stretching trainer about it. Dynamic stretching is a technique that involves the active movements of your joints and your muscles as they go through a full range of motion. People typically use dynamic stretches to warm up their bodies before they exercise

What’s different about this type of stretching method is that you can mimic the movement of the sport or activity you’re about to perform. For instance, before swimmers get into the water, they could perform dynamic stretches by circling their arms. Other types of dynamic stretches include leg swings, trunk twists, walking lunges, and more. 

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What is the Difference Between Dynamic and Static Stretching?

In case you’re wondering, dynamic stretching aims to get your body to move; that’s why there’s no need to hold a dynamic stretch for a few seconds or more. These may include movements that include torso twists and lunges, as well. 

On the other hand, static stretching aims to extend the muscles for a specific length of time, such as a few seconds. Furthermore, a few examples of static stretches include the butterfly stretch and the triceps stretch.

When to Use Dynamic Stretching

Before You Lift Weights

Dynamic stretching can boost your performance by giving you more leg extension power. This couldn’t be achieved with static stretching.

Before Playing Sports or Athletics

Doing a few dynamic stretches will get your muscles ready to work before running, jumping, playing basketball, or football.

Before Your Cardiovascular Exercise

It doesn’t matter if you’ll be in boot camp, or if you’ll be running or swimming – when you get your muscles warmed up and ready before your cardiovascular exercises, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your performance and you’ll reduce your chances of getting injured as well.

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